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Hip Hop Unite Online European Championships


This online event will replace this years live HHU European Championships.

Crews from all over Europe get the chance to compete in this competition by sending in a video of their choreography. 

These video's are judged per country, and the 5 best video's per category are sent to the main event.

At the main event on the 10th of July, all these video's will be ranked by an international panel of judges.

The final winner of each category gets the prize money for this category.


1st subscribe to the competition in the normal way for a Hip Hop Unite open championship, using the forms in this link:

You must subscribe before June 18 2021

There are six categories you can subscribe in.

Small Crew Cadet, Junior, Adult and Senior and Mega Crew Cadet and Adult.

To see in which category you should enter and what other restrictions and age limits apply, please follow this link to our rules and regulations:

Then make your video!

CAREFUL, there are some rules you must follow to have a qualifying video:

1: Time

There is a time limit on each video:

for a Small Crew video your music must be between 1 minute and 55 seconds and 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

For a Mega crew video your music must be between 2 minutes and 25 seconds and 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

Your complete video can't last more than 5 seconds than your music.

(for example: a Mega Crew video can have a 2 second silent intro, then 2 minutes and 30 seconds of music and then another 3 seconds of silent outro)

2: Video Parameters and Conditions

All video's must meet following conditions:


    Dancefloor must be marked by the tape taped on the floor - 10x10 meters


    A white or light background is recommened due to light absorption, if possible.

  • LIGHT:

    Natural or white light from the top is necessary, extra lights from front is highly recomended but not required. Lights with extra coloring are not allowed


    Camera or smartphone must stand on a tripod in the middle of the floor at a height of 1,20 meters, so that all group of dancers can still be seen, which means all heads and all feet all the time, usually it means approximately 3 meters from the frontline minimum – depends on the device used


    Fish eye camera, optical or digital zoom is not allowed


    Video must be sent in HD 1920x1080 (1080p) or more


    No cuts or extra effects in video allowed ( blurr, tremble, dissolve), no extra coloring allowed


    Music should be added to the video in post-production if possible to avoid unwanted delays of music on recording and to ensure high quality sound
    Music must also be sent in a separate attachment

    Your video must be in as high a quality as possible, and in WMV, AVI, MP4 or MOV formats.
    Also, the online event will be streamed in 25 fps (frames per second), so you wil have to format your video to at least 25 fps, but we don't need 50fps (that would be somewhat of an overkill)

Label your video as follows: category_name (for example: Adult Mega Crew_Rebounce)

To send in the video please use Wetransfer and mail the link directly to

If you don't know how to use WeTransfer, please click on the following link.


Registration fee: FREE for Belgian qualifier

For the European Championships, there will be a 25 Euros registration fee per crew, but

Belgian qualifiers are FREE!

When your video is selected, you will be asked to wire the subscription fee to the account we will provide. You can still choose not to do this and give up your spot for the next crew in line.

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