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Hip Hop Unite Solo Online Battle

National Challenge!

Let's stick together in the dance! 

Prizes: Hip Hop Unite Belgium clothing, entry to the 2021 HHU Belgium qualifiers and a final with the winners from other member countries.

What is it?

#STAYHOME Solo Contest is a national challenge organized by all Hip Hop Unite Member Countries.  So the challenge of Hip Hop Unite Belgium is RESERVED for Belgian dancers only.


KEYPOINT: fun and sharing! 

MUSIC: your choice. No special mix or cuts needed.

TIME of choreography: from 50 to 60 sec. 

STYLES: whatever you want among Hip Hop (Locking, Popping, Waacking, Dancehall, House, and Krump, etc) 

CATEGORIES: Cadet 7-12 years, Junior 13-17 years, Adult 18+, Senior 35+

COMPETITION: Will run from 4th May til 6th June


The judges will select the best 3 of each category who will have access to the FINAL.

The finalists will post/send another choreography (which may be the same or a new one) by 18:00 on 10TH of June 2020.

The PODIUM of the Belgium challenge will be decreed on 15th of June 2020.


The video of the winners will then be judge by an international jury together with the winners of the other Member countries and on 25th of June 2020 the ABSOLUTE WINNERS will be decreed. 


Shoot the video of your choreography (50-60 sec.) with music of your choice. The video must be recorded in one shot without cuttings or effects and you must make sure your whole body is visible at all times, so don't go making close-ups of your face...

To send videos there are 2 ways: 

Post it on your Instagram profile (no private profile) with the following mandatory info to be included in the post:

- NAME of the dancer        

- Category (Cadet or Junior or Adult/Senior)

- Tag @hiphopunitebelgium AND @hiphopuniteofficial

- Tag your dance school (optional)

- Enter the hashtag #STAYHOMECONTESTHHUI


Without this info the video cannot be judged.


Send the video by e-mail (also by wetransfer) to

In the email you will have to write the name of the dancer, category you're entering in and, if you want, your dance school. 


- Popping Danys

- Samantha Hernandez

- Anke Clinck


1° Place

Free entry for the Hip Hop Unite Belgian Qualifiers 2021 (crew and battle 1vs1)

Hip Hop Unite Belgium t-shirt


2° Place

Free entry for the Hip Hop Unite Belgian Qualifiers 2021 (battle 1vs1)

Hip Hop Unite Belgium t-shirt


3° Place

Hip Hop Unite Belgium t-shirt

For more info and clarifications, text us on whatsapp +32476687140.

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