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Both Musta and Stef have years of experience competing at and collaborating with different organizations and federations. However, FISAF appeared to be the best partner to execute the vision of HIP HOP UNITE. The professionally structured method of working within FISAF is necessary to guarantee future success. During the world championships of 2010 in The Netherlands FISAF International received the news and proposition of the need of a worldwide well-functioning and experienced hip hop federation, where dancers from the hip hop scene feel at home and are able to grow in a positive way.​


The committee started to work on logo, business plan, competition structure, event setup, etc. First event of Hip Hop Unite was established within the Hip Hop culture and feeling.


In 2017 we started a new team in Belgium, to improve HHU. This resulted in a big succes. HHU team Belgium now consists out of 3 active members: Anke, Jasper and Jennifer.


One year later during the world championships of 2011 in Australia approval was given to create a new “look and feel” for the hip hop within FISAF. Musta and Stef hereby got a “go” to adapt all aspects of hip hop and for the first time a technical committee for hip hop was founded. These people shall join forces to work out guidelines for HIP HOP UNITE always taking into account the feedback from participating countries and/or feedback from pioneers and people from the hip hop scene.


Only few years after the establishment, the Hip Hop Unite community already has 17 country members and the numbers of dancers and crews participating at our international events and workshops has grown exponentially.


By 2019 the entire Hip Hop Unity community consists of 22 country members and thousands of dancers from all over the world.



If you like the story so far, come and join us and help us build a better future for hip hop in Belgium, Europe and the world.

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